ஆத த ச ச ட AA thi chOO di comprises of 109 single line maxims It was composed by the great old Tamil Poetess Auvaiyaar who belonged to the last Sangam era Aathichudi is part of the Ethical Books collection from...


Suvadi Fast Light Weight Ad Free Permission Free Tamil Reading Experience Suvadi is an app that allows you to read Tamil literary works and their English translations side by side Unlike many other apps Suvadi supports several...

Avvai Noolgal - aathichudi

Avvai Noolgal அவ வ ந ல கள is an attempt to bring all four important works of great Avvai Paati in Android platform so that all especially youngsters can benefit Children can easily learn one thought a day and...

Thirukkural and Aathichudi

This app covers Thirukkural both in Tamil and English Version Main feature of this app is it holds the explanation of each kural in both Tamil and English It also encloses the full version of Aathichudi by Avvaiyar


Aathichoodi is a collection of single line quotations written by Avvaiyar and organized in alphabetical order There are 108 of these sacred lines which include quot A turtle is a turtle never a tortoise quot quot Look out of the...


Avvaiyar was the most famous and prominent female poet during various periods of the Tamil Literature The meaning of the word Avvaiyar is a Respectable woman and thus a generic name was given instead of a particular name of a person LocSea com presents to you...

Tamil Calendar with Aathichudi

Daily Calendar for all Tamil people You are also getting daily one Aathichudi

Aathichudi by Auvvaiyar

Aathichudi is 109 lines of maxims created by great old poet Auvvaiyar

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