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Param Pujya Sai Vasan Shah was a revered saint of early 19th century who was famed not only for his spirituality but also for being a great motivator and a social crusader in a true sense Born in 1846 as Vehdomal he was moulded at an early age by his guru Shahanshah Sai Parushah who taught him the true values of leading a selfless life committed to the service of the down trodden and the needy Shahanshah Sai Parushah who himself was reffered by his followers as the spirit of God in a human form had such a deep impact on the mind of young Vehdomal that he spent his whole life serving the humanity Fondly called VASAN by his guru Vehdomal with his selfless work amp worship earned not only the love amp respect of the people but also the title of SHAH Thus from Vehdomal he became VASAN amp later VASAN SHAH Sai Vasan Shah s Darbar situated on the banks of river Sindhu in Rohri now a part of Pakistan was considered as a safe heaven for the needy handicapped amp mently retarded persons Sai Vasanshah not only cooked food for such people but he also took care of thier day to day needs An ardent follower of Jhulelal Sai Vasanshah spend his whole life in the selfless service of humanity amp worship of the God After he left for his heavenly abode in 1894 his son Sai Amardas Saheb took over the responsibility of serving the humanity This family legacy of spiriuality amp selfless service was carried forward by Sai Chetanram Saheb who took overas Gaadisar Guru in 1939 and later by Sai Aatmaram Sahebji who accepted the responsibilities of Gadisar Guru in 1960 The present Gaadisar Guru Sai Parmanand Saheb fondly called Baba Sai by his followers is a true portrait of God in human form A qualified pharmacist by profesion Param Pujya Baba Sai has not only responsibily carried forward the family legacy of worship amp selfless service but with his spiritual discourses amp graceful always smiling amp humble nature has made inroads into the hearts of lakhs of his followers who are spread throughout the world The purpose of the application is to connect with their devotees world wide This application will update the users about all the upcoming events of the Darbar With the presence of rich image audio video gallery of the saints followers will feel blessed by the loving gurus

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2014-12-24 04:16
Jai vasan ghot
2014-12-15 03:56
Jvg sai I love this app Jvg sai.....
2014-12-14 05:42
Awesome app
2014-12-09 05:05
Jai vasan ghot awesome app
2014-12-09 06:00
Bol vasan ghot ki jai
2014-12-07 06:43
Jai vasan ghoot. Svs
2014-12-03 03:14
2014-11-27 11:53
Jai vasanghot ki jai Nice
2014-11-26 04:42
2014-11-21 03:23
Sai mere vadanshah sai mere parushah satguru sai vasanghot ki jai Shenshah sai parushah ki jai
2014-10-29 02:33
I was just wondering ki ek android app honi chahiye.... n look here is the app... har icha puri karta hai aasautad darbar... RAKH ROHRI WARE TE
2014-10-28 08:13
Jai vash sha
2014-10-28 04:42
2014-10-26 11:16
Pride of ulhasnagar S V S darbar
2014-10-26 03:02
Jai vasanghot
2014-10-21 05:17
jai vasan shah like this ap
2014-10-20 07:30
Too GUD app This is a only top 1st app in android JVG
2014-10-18 07:52
2014-10-15 09:27
Excellent app This is first time in history of sindhi Saints that a mobile app is developed and its beautifully categorised.Hats off
2014-10-15 07:46
Jai vasan ghot
2014-10-12 06:14
JVG Saiji...Awesome App For D Dewanaas N Mastaanas of Saiji..I Was Waiting For D App Like This..N Finally Its Here..VasanShah Dhendo Aa..Shenshah Dhendo aa..
2014-10-09 03:58
Jvg nice app for all devotees of satguru Sai Vasanshah
2014-10-05 12:16
Jai Vasan Ghot...
2014-10-04 12:51
Superb Sai ji Awesome app..
2014-09-28 11:59
Aumsum app . .....way to connect with Sai
2014-09-24 07:31
Supebbb initiative sai ji. ... jvg
2014-09-23 08:40
Jvg Through this app we feel that sai vasanshah is with us for each moment . Rrwt
2014-09-18 01:46
Jai vasanghot
2014-09-14 08:17
thui hi Thu
2014-09-02 12:46
Great application jvg

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