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YiBo for Android obtain the authorization from sina completely let you enjoy all functions for sina twitter plus into its unique feature Meanwhile also quite good for twitter com qq com sohu com and 163 com briefly window delightful view let you experience something refresh features 1 know the latest news from people you care about and read the breaking news or fashion at anytime anywhere get one cell phone start your exited journey 2 import the photos what you just take record the every moment and share them to all your friends 3 quick messager for latest news comment and private mail from twitter you also can check other twitee and what just happened around people 4 focus on the design of buffer cache gzip help you dealing with it and let you experience the high speed reading 5 for twitter and its clones from sina qq sohu and 163 sharing instant message and managing your multi account more easily 6 you also can get online by 3G WIFI CMNET and CMWAP 7 OAuth authorization make your account and message free from virus 关键字 多微博 微博客户端 sns 社区平台 聚合微博 快速同步拍照上传 分享信息 照片共享 照片上传 地理定位 keyword and tags twitter micro blog social network LBS take photo share picture camera location service欢迎在新浪微博上关注我们 腾讯微博

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YiBo reviews:

2014-05-07 05:23
Why Now always have RATE LIMITED!!!
2014-04-28 03:33
tt 这个绝对是目前最好刷围脖的工具。比官方的,比weico都好。
2014-04-27 11:59
. 上親飯否就close
2014-04-27 08:10
水准不错,界面简洁实用 今天刷 腾讯微博出错强行退出,不知为何。 PS:在新浪显示iPad客户端,囧
2014-04-26 09:17
很好用。 从刚开始就支持了。的确是个良心的app!
2014-04-25 05:46
不知道停止开发以后对日后的正常使用有没有影响? 真可惜
2014-04-18 06:49
WTH What the hell is json parse???!!
2014-04-12 04:43
好东西 真的很不错
2014-04-02 01:43
还不错 能看大图挺好的。就是连接总有问题。。。
2014-03-28 07:19
2014-03-25 06:13
太可惜了 很好用的client
2014-03-16 06:16
希望为平板优化一下 在平板上感觉有些简陋,界面不好。 edit: 听说因为新浪的原因停止开发了,可惜呀,5星吧。
2014-03-16 03:43
请尽快修复 有几个系统表情和新浪微博现行的文字代码不符,表情发不出来。
2014-03-10 05:03
无法注册!!! 一直显示错误根本注册不了!!!
2014-03-06 02:05
打个五星不犹豫!! 目前众多微博中感觉是最好的一个!界面简洁启动速度快!没广告!界面也很流畅!推送正常!强烈推荐!!!
2014-03-04 06:17
加油 打败官方恶心客户端
2014-03-02 03:51
很好 速度快,功能全,要说缺点可能只有界面还不够漂亮。
2014-02-28 04:09
竟然显示来自IPAD... 明明是安卓的机器。。。不过还算好用,没广告!
2014-02-24 12:22
2014-02-22 09:10
fa shizzle
2014-01-30 08:00
无法看私信 我的是moto droid pro 收不到信 说接口受限
2014-01-28 01:57
yibo 這是我用過最好用的,如果再加facebook就完美了~

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