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Summary This application is calculator that can be calculation of hexadecimal and CRC 1 About Calculator for hexadecimal Calculation has 3 modes At a time hexadecimal and decimal and binary is displayed Hexadecimal mode arithmetic calculation and logical and bits shift Decimal mode arithmetic calculation of real number Binary mode logical and bits shift It support signed 32 bit integer Calculatalculation is carried out in input order Multiplication and division has no priority Ex 2 2 2 8 Only decimal mode it can use real number Other mode is fraction truncate Press and hold display result is copied to clipboard only decimal and hexadecimal Cannot paste from clipboard 2 About Calculator for CRC CRC is calculated from two generating polynomials CCITT mode for calculation of CRC 16 CCITT CRC16 mode for calculation CRC 16 IBM Calculation result is shift right shift left and each inversion In addition to input by manual it can input from text file In text file its format must add linefeed at each byte Blank line is judged as 00 At one character only padded 0 to higher digit If over three characters first two characters is used Available letters is from 0 to 9 and from A to F and from a to f ex 03 gt 03h 56 gt 56h 7AB gt 7Ah E gt 0Eh gt 00h aa gt AAh EOF gt 終了How to use Calculator for hexadecimal Arithmetic calculation Input numeric value and Calculation result is displayed Logical operator only hexadecimal mode and binary mode Input numeric value and logical operator and or xor Calculation result is displayed Input numeric value and other operator shift not Calculation result is displayed For a result it can calculate Calculator for CRC Setting for initilal value Tap display area for initilal value Input initial value Tap init button Set initial value Calculator for CRC Confirm input area is red Input value of two characters and tap button In result area it will be displayed CRC at each bytes Calculation result be displayed each time tap button after input values At display area four results display shift left inversion of shift left shift right inversion of shift right Extra function Backcolor property

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