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NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID Zitrax In 2012 I got a facebook message from Sébastien Carbone on my Facebook He asked me if I was the developer of the Amiga game Zitrax That was for me a big suprise after 24 years I got this question I did answer Yes I am the developer of the game Zitrax After this Sébastien asks if it is ok for me that he developed a remake of the original Zitrax game for iphone iOS That 39 s okey for me So he starts his development and within no time he finished the remake And I like the results it 39 s exactly the same thing as back in the 80 39 s The original version of zitrax I developed in 1988 when I was at the age of 17 Before I had make commodore c64 games but when I switched to Amiga I wanted to create a new shooting game The Amiga has a special bitplane mode where two planes with 8c olors can move seperatly from each other This I used for the scrolling planes For the music I created my own music player where I used a sound samples from a roland D50 synthesizer of a friend Title song quot Say you say me quot by Lionel RichieGame Over song quot Love of my Life quot by Queen I never did a commercial release of the game Game has always been freeware but was spread around by the demo group Magnificient Force back then I like the result and I am happy to see reappear it on a new platform thumbs up for Sébastien Zitrax was developed in 1988 by Dimmen Gestel WARNING Hard game only for confirmed players

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